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Loved it!

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When I entered for a free copy via BookishFirst, I didn't realize this was a sequel. So, when I won, I rushed and snagged a copy of Blacksmith Queen and dove in. Suffice it to say, I absolutely loved it. I was not prepared for the level of sass and badassery. I thought nothing can top this book, a sequel especially. But boy, was I wrong. I got exactly what book one had:

Amazing banter
Strong, but flawed heroines
a funny family dynamic
centaur love
demon wolves
Gary the sorcerer

Need I say more?

PRINCESS KNIGHT centers not around Keely, but around the war monk sister, Gemma. I was so happy when I found that out. Gemma is the most intriguing character so it was amazing to read the book mostly through her POV. They all still Beatrix, and there's no shortage of sisterly arguments that had me roaring. I loved Quinn and everything he represented for Gemma. They had a sort of love/hate thing that worked.

I cannot wait for the third book. I want to read more about Ainsley!