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Just meh

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I did not finish this book. A quarter of the way in there were so many characters with not enough development to tell them apart. The plot developed at a decent pace but not enough to make me feel any kind of emotion other than a vague curiosity, but not enough to continue. I just cannot become vested in a story with so little character information. Thoughts, feelings, history, even the way they look would have helped. But I mainly just stayed confused and tried to stick with it to see if it was ironed out, but it never was.

Gemma seemed to be an interesting character, but the story moved so much between character lines and I wasn't really vested in anyone but her. Her story was piecemealed together with not enough info from the previous book, so I had to extrapolate quite a bit. I wish that there had been a summary of the previous book at the beginning of this one, which would have made it much easier to follow.