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I’m amazed!

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What I loved from the first book was the characters. The main characters are strong, brave and stubborn women. And with this book, that distinction emphasizes even more. All the main characters are brilliant in their own way. Their growth has been impressive,a en I’m glad to see them being challenged to the extreme, just so they can prove their worth.
Besides, the multiple villains add a lot of tension in the story and makes you want more. I also appreciate the plot twist it has. I couldn’t guess what was going to happen, and all my theories were rebuked. I love that in a book!!
What I didn’t particularly enjoy was the romance. It seemed too out of the blue, and I didn’t see the couples as a good match. I like them separated, but not together. However, I’m glad the romance didn’t take over the plot, and all the scenes were justified and had a purpose.
The ending of the book left me wanting more, so I’m definitely reading the next one. I can’t wait for the next adventure!!