Hilarious romantic comedy

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I have now devoured both of the books in this series so far in less than a week and I’m wondering how I will make it until the next volume is written. This book is funny, violent, romantic, and emotional and it somehow works perfectly. The book shifts between Keeley, Gemma, and Beatrix again but the focus this time is on Gemma. Gemma’s sect of war monks is aligning themselves with Beatrix and Gemma needs to try to save her brothers. Because they’re all facing a new enemy, the Old King’s religious son Cyrus who has decided to honor his god by destroying the worshipers of all other gods. War, adventuring, some drunken romance, and a half dead horse await Gemma on her path to attempt to murder her sister Beatrix. The writing of these books is easy to read and full of the characters’ personalities and humor. And amongst the humor was some subtle commentary towards religious sects as enemies in this story had to work together to prevent everyone from being destroyed. I can’t wait for the next book and I hope it features a lot more of Ainsley, the invisible sister.