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For starters, fantasy isn’t my usual go to style of book. But I challenged myself to read outside my box in 2020, and I really enjoyed the first look of this book so here we are....

Full disclosure, I didn’t read the first book in this series. Initially, I didn’t know this was the second book, but as I read that became apparent. It was was subtle, but I felt like there wasn’t enough character or world building in this book. I realize now that was probably because that was fine in the first installment. Personally, I felt like the characters were very one dimensional, and I didn’t connect with really any of them. Everyone seemed crabby and bickering amongst themselves. This is billed as a paranormal romance book, but the romance is so subtle it’s really not there. Blink and you’ll miss it. The attempts at embedded humor also fell way flat for me. I just didn’t find them at all funny

I didn’t end up finishing at 25%. I wanted to like it, but clearly it just wasn’t for me.