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Crazy fun and incredibly delightful

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This book is a fun, if slightly insane, runaway-train of a ride, and I enjoyed every single moment of it.
It has fantastic banter, wild action, interesting characters, and a plot that moves swiftly while making sure to hit every point and not leave any plot point untouched.
I had a bit of trouble catching up at the beginning because it takes for granted that you read the first book in the series, which I haven't yet definitely plan to. But I quickly realized that I just needed to enjoy the ride and the things I had questions about eventually explained themselves.
Much respect to Aiken for making such a complex world and then letting/getting it to fall into place and feel natural and normal even when insane things were coming out of seemingly nowhere yet feeling like they made total sense.
Definitely a series worth checking out. Particularly with this one's ending. It's not a cliffhanger, but I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to the event that takes place.