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Gemma Smythe is a War Monk; a fierce warrior, dedicated to a life of battle and the glory that comes with it, all in the name of her god Morthwyl. Feeling the need to break away from her fellow War Monks in order to stand with her sister Keeley, the Blacksmith Queen, against her other sister Beatrix and her husband Marius, Gemma soon finds that the fight against Beatrix is not the only one she must face. The Princess Knight follows Gemma as she attempts to defend herself and the individuals she cares for as she fights to defend her name and her honor.

The Princess Knight is the perfect followup to The Blacksmith Queen. I love that this novel picked up right where the last one left off, jumping right back into the fierce fighting and amazing action. That being said, I like how this one, while jumping right back in, takes a turn as it follows Gemma on her adventures and quests as opposed to Keeley, but I also like that Keeley was still an important character within the narrative. G.A. Aiken’s descriptive language is bloody spectacular, quite literally, and the action is entertaining and often funny, as are the characters. I really enjoyed, as with The Blacksmith Queen, all of the tough, badass women, and the fact that they are so easily accepted based on their abilities and contributions is refreshing; they are seen as people and not as females that need to be protected. While this novel is defined as paranormal romance, I would describe it as more of a wild, bloody fantasy with some love between the characters; if you aren't into romances don't let that prevent you from reading The Princess Knight.

The Princess Knight is a novel that I highly recommend; it is a page-turner that I absolutely flew through, enjoying every second. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the Scarred Earth Clam and the Smythe Clan, especially after reading the epilogue. I would suggest that anyone picking up The Princess Knight read The Blacksmith Queen first so that you can fully enjoy the novel.

Thank you to BookishFirst, Kensington Books, and G.A. Aiken for sending me an advanced reader’s edition of The Princess Knight, given in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own.