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Action, intrigue and humour

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I really enjoyed reading the Princess Knight. Once I realized it was second in a series, I read The Blacksmith Queen first. I would advise doing this because there is a lot of background about Gemma's and Keeley's family and general world building that the reader does not want to miss. The Blacksmith Queen is also a five star read. The Princess Knight focuses on Gemma, a war monk, who has dedicated her life to the god Morthwyl. She is a strong woman and fierce warrior who is fighting with her blacksmith Queen sister Keeley, against their evil sister Beatrix. Beatrix is brilliant and difficult to outwit.
There is non-stop action, twist and turns, strong female characters, romance, witty dialogue and clever world-building. This fantasy includes centaurs, dwarves, elves, witches and dragons. The Princess Knight is also hilariously hold-your-sides-laughing funny. A great read and escape from the real world.