Offbeat and Humorous

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With a title like Princess Knight, I was expecting something in the vein of YA Epic Fantasy with a little fairy tale thrown in for good measure. This is a different kettle of fish. Gemma is delightfully very unprincesslike!

Apparently this is is the second in a series. I seemed to follow it okay, but l think if it had read the first book, it would have helped me better understand not only the plotlines and characters but the tone. My biggest issue with the sample was my feeling discombobulated by warrior monks (whose number included a royal female), shapeshifting centaur soldiers, and the irreverent humor wrapped around it all.

Think The Princess Knight is a YA Epic Fantasy inspired by fairy tale and peppered with romance and love-triangles? No way! Here, amidst the court intrigue, you'll find head lopping, blood, guts, ale, and black humor.