Wow! I loved it!

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This is my first time reading Mara Rutherford and I am blown away! The cover drew me in and the world created in just the first few chapters is incredibly intriguing.

Leelo lives in a village on an island that sheltered from the outside world. The island is deadly to anyone who ventures onto it via poison or murderous forest. The villagers all possess magic, but we haven't gotten a clear look at the abilities, other than song and blood rituals. If a villager is born and doesn't develop magic, they are exiled. If they return, they are put to death. Most of the villagers seem to be excited over the prospect of these executions, Leelo and her mother being the exceptions.

I am incredibly excited to see where the story goes. I'm anxious to see the further world building and learn more about the village and magic systems, especially how it all came to be and if Leelo will be able to change the attitudes of the villagers when it comes to how they treat outsiders. And also to learn what exactly it is that they are watching for...