This, this book <3

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I might have just found my new favorite book. This book was just perfect! Leelo’s character is one of my favorites, I love her character so much and how tough, loyal, and dedicated she is! Firstly, I really love the plot! Leelo has to question everything she has ever known, from her home to everything they’ve told her for years. Leelo has to live with the fear of her brother getting exiled due to his lack of magic and when a boy shows up on the shore her life will get turned upside down!!

I really liked Jaren’s character! His and Leelo’s romance is so cute!! I love them my little babies <33 I love the whole “forbidden romance” aspect especially with these two!!

The writing for this book was so well done?? Even the villains in this book were so beautifully written it was hard not to fall in love with this book. The structure and wording was just perfect and made the book so much better. Overall I would give this book a 5/5, beautiful written, storyline is amazing and characters were so good