The worldbuilding was great!

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I loved the world this was set in, the creepy forest set on killing really drew me in. I do wish it had been used a bit more. I feel like there is still mystery around the forest and things got a lot deeper than we see in this book. The secrets surrounding it don't get answered, I kept waiting for a big twist or reveal about it, but it just didn't happen as I expected. The mystery around it remains another day, but I desperately want to explore it more.

The story itself was a cute love story. The twists about the families kept coming. As secrets were revealed, the drama and tension of the story picked up. I was glued to it. The rest of the story really drew out for awhile, but I believe each of those moments was necessary for the story.

The ending wrapped up all of the characters' storylines in a satisfying way. I just can't help feeling that something was missing in regards to the forest. Maybe that was intentional, forcing the book to stay in the back of my mind, always wondering.

The writing style was well done. I really enjoyed it. I think it matched the type of story in a way that almost feels haunting. I'm probably not making much sense right now...It was an experience, one I am really glad I experienced. I will probably read this book again, and I suspect the experience will be different a second time.

As I think about this story, I am finding more and more things I liked about it. I highly recommend it.