Reader Insider's Review of The Poison Season

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The Poison Season is a perfect book new readers. It captures everything, from a sturdy plot to interesting characters. The storyline was intriguing with magic, memories, and singers. I felt as though this particular plot is a bit overused where there is a character who has been sheltered her whole life until a guy comes along and shows her that there is a different world out there. I felt as though the characters did not have a lot of depth in terms of getting to know them. In fact in some parts I thought I knew the side characters like Sage or Isola more than the Leelo herself. Jaren, the male character lead, was perfect but also did not have a lot of character development or depth. The ending was positive and almost had that storybook ending. I wish I got to see more adventure and action because for most of the book, nothing happens. The introduction was too long and the main parts too short. Overall, it is perfect for young adults and those looking for an easy read. The cover is gorgeous and I love the author's other books as well!