Poison in Paradise

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"The truth might be painful, but the lies were as corrosive as rust, and now that she could see the damage they'd wrought, it was a wonder that any of them remained standing."

This is a story about a girl faced with a choice: save an innocent outsider or obey the strict rules of her island home.

"I could get lost in you."
"That's funny. I feel like I'm finally found."

The story follows Leelo, a girl living on an island called Endla surrounded by a poisonous lake and a forest hungry for blood. As long as sacrifices are given to the forest, it provides protection for the people... or does it? This is a sweet forbidden first love story filled with sinister secrets and a bloodthirsty forest. A fantasy lover's dream, right?

I would have loved to learn more about the Forest and so many of the secrets that are revealed by the end. I felt like we uncover all of the mysteries but learn very little about them. The world is so interesting and I felt like we only got a little taste of Endla's secrets and I want more! I certainly could see a possible sequel as this does end with a few loose strings, but still a satisfying ending on its own.