Love it or Hate It

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I think this book is a very love it or hate it book. You either think its fantastic and edgy or you think its a problematic snoozefest. I very much fall into the later camp. Honestly I would have preferred it had we kept to the perspective of the wolf that started the novel because as soon as we meet Leelo and her family that's where things start to slide for me. First off Leelo is about as bland as they come, she seems to have zero personality and just slides from one day to the next. For instance in a situation that one might expect to have an emotional response her basic response is "Oh there is a swan, should save it, no couldn't? Oh well, guess I'll use it for my costume"... like ok.... we not going to talk about this or feel anything?!? Which leads me to the second reason that I don't like it which is the gratuitous animal and human abuse in this novel. No one seems to give a darn about it in the book, but its a HUGE no from me. Additionally I hate our sexist "main man" Jaren like no way would I ever root for him (psst, let the forest get him!). Overall just not for me.