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In Mara Rutherford's atmospheric new fantasy The Poison Season, which combines elements of The Grace Year and The Devouring Gray, a girl accidentally summons a stranger to her island using magic and is forced to choose between saving him from the lake or jeopardizing the safety and traditions of her closed-off community. Is everything the elders warned her about visitors true, or may their island's venomous waters be hiding something darker?

Leelo has lived her entire life on Endla where she has coexisted with the violent forest and revered the toxic lake that guards her island from invaders who wish to destroy it. Although Leelo cares deeply for her community, she finds it difficult to accept the fact that her brother would be banished and forced to live with strangers.

Leelo is aware of her duty when she observes a young stranger at danger of drowning in the lake. However, Leelo chooses to betray her family, her best friend, and Endla in a decisive moment that will change everything.

As they get closer, Leelo realizes that not all danger comes from outside the lake, and that she must be willing to question the very foundation of her society, her people, and herself if she hopes to survive. Discovery could have devastating repercussions for both Leelo and Jaren.