Highly anticipated! Did not disappoint!

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I’ve been really excited to read this book for a while and hyped it up so much that I was almost afraid to read it. I need not have worried! The Poison Season is an absolutely fantastical and gorgeous book. From the cover (Charlie Bowater covers my beloved), the map, the little branch designs on the pages, to the names, the characters and the writing.

Leelo. First off, I love her name. And secondly, and most importantly, I relate to her so much. I love badass heroines, but a heroine who is so sensitive she’s afraid the world will break her??? Hold on, I’m going to cry. “insert that quote here about her mother saying the world will break her heart”

And the sibling relationships in this book!! We love siblings who would do anything for each other!!

The writing! Lyrical and captures the magical aesthetic of this book so well.

Not to go off on a tangent, but I’m always excited to read a book that heavily features poison. Poison just adds some extra tension to a story that I love.

I am very excited to read more of Mara Rutherford’s books. I can tell already that I’m going to love them.