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This was a beautiful and haunting fantasy story. The writing was amazing and I loved the characters (even the characters you had to hate a bit were absolutely well done and believable). Leelo lives on an island with a magical wandering woods and a lake full of poison that protect her people from the Outsiders. Leelo and her people are magic and their songs are beautiful and deadly. Because of the danger when people are born on the island who lack the magic to their song they are sent away before they turn 13 to protect them from the lure of the song. The islanders are constantly watching to ensure the outsiders don’t come to the island because they know the outsiders would hurt them for their magic. Leelo has never thought too hard about this but her own brother lacks magic in his singing and she is heartbroken that he will be sent away to be at the mercy of the outsiders she has been told are dangerous and cruel. But even a small island community can have secrets and Leelo is about to find out there is so much more to the world than she has been told.