fairy tale with a twist

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Mara Rutherford captures the young romance magic with a beautifully written young adult fantasy. At first, I was mainly drawn to the stunning cover, but the story itself was interesting and engaging. Our main character is named Leelo, a teenager who lives on an island where the water that is surrounded by is a poisonous lake. The purpose of that lake is to protect the village from outsiders. The villagers set a rule in this world where if you don't receive your magic by the time you turn 12, they sent you away from the village. The problem is that the village is also surrounded by dark and bloodthirsty forest.

To be honest, I expected this book to be as any other YA you pick up at your local store, with the same 2010s vibes, existing only on nostalgia. However, it was ensiling and thrilling, taking you to a world where you can escape reality.