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Leelo lives with her family in Endla, a small island community that share magical abilities. The island is surrounded by a poisonous lake that kills all who enter and the Walking Forest, a creepy forest the protects the Islanders in exchange for sacrifices. Leelo and the other Islanders use their voice in song to lure creatures into the forest for sacrifice.

Not all of Endla's inhabitants are safe though. Those who do not develop their magical abilities by age 13 are exiled, never to return. Those that do, as Leelo has witnessed, are given the choice of the lake or forest, the same fate as outsiders. Either way, this means death.

Leelo's brother is fast approaching his 13th birthday and has yet to develop magic. In a last stitch effort to save her brother from exile Leelo unintentionally lures an outsider to the island. When she finds him crossing the lake and in need of immediate help she goes against all she has been taught and rescues him, betraying her family and her community in the process.
If anyone finds out the outsider will die and Leelo will be severely punished.

As Leelo nurses the outsider back to health she begins to discover that her island holds secrets and lies and she will need to make a life changing decision.

This book was so good. This was an original story with such amazing detail. I flew through this book in a couple days. And I have since read another two by this author. I easily give this book 4 stars!