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This is the perfect book for when you'd like to sink into a book and really drill yourself in as a reader. For the day(s) that you'd like to go a little more slow and to have a more detailed picture of how the looks from inside the book. I found the concept of the island fascinating and interesting as I went further into the book and i really wanted to find out what would happen, was going to happen and what had happened. The more Endla uncovered things that were never meant to see the light, about her family and about the place she allways that was home. Was the outside world really as dangerous as she'd been indoctrinated to believe or was her family being a little fishy? Join Endla as she begins to unravel the real secrets that may or may not be about either or the outsiders or even more eerie, secrets from her very own family.

The cover is gorgeous and definitely instagramable. The artists did a great job with tying the cover art to the story and it looks gorgeous on the shelf.