Beauty in Poison

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After spending her entire life on Endla, an island surrounded by endless deadly forests and a poisonous lake, Leelo is beginning to wonder what else is out beyond the borders of the community she works so hard to care for and protect. This is made much more difficult by the fact that soon, her beloved younger brother will be exiled beyond the community unless he gains his magical gifts. But when Leelo betrays her duty to her community to save an outsider, he choice could lead to devastating and unthinkable consequences.
The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford was a rather unusual novel, but still an enthralling one that pulled on my heartstrings. It was a beautiful fairytale that blended romance with fantasy and danger and had me hooked from page to page. The unique magic system and eerie setting was thrilling and atmospheric, and the writing was absorbing, with dazzling and complex characters that come to life off the page. This haunting story delicately wove a tale that warns of danger not always being “the outsider” and sometimes coming from within what you already know.