Beautiful cover and original story

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I love this cover so much, it immediately drew me in and made me want to read it. It was a little slow moving at first and I wish the history of how they came to Endla had been explained better. I felt like I was confused for most of the book but Leelo is also left in the dark about a lot as well so that may have been intentional by the author. There are characters to really love and root for as well as characters to really hate. I am very character driven so I loved this. I did feel like once more was revealed that it still wasn't explained very well. I don't understand why the Endlans handled things that way. The romance isn't too prominent but it happens naturally and made sense with the situation. I like Leelo and Jaren together and how they fall in love. I also really enjoyed the ending it makes for a good stand alone or for a possible sequel to follow. Overall good Dystopian type book with some romance and some twists!