A Romance That You Must Protect

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Normally, I don't give a book a complete 5 star, but this one begs to differ... as the whole story made you want to sit on your edge, wanting more.

Endla, an island on a lake that is poisonous and a forest that wanders about until it found these magical people.

Leelo, the main character of this book knew from the start that she didn't liked how things are in Endla. She wanted a change but she knew if anything, the forest would try to do something to her or worse.

Her younger brother who is not a magical person has to leave the island or else, he would be in danger.

No outsider is ever allow on this island until one day. This starts on a line of hidden secrets and much more that Leelo soon realized that maybe this island isn't what she really thinks it is.

Overall, I really enjoyed this whole book. I took my time and finishing it up just 2 weeks later. I was constantly thinking about what is going to happen next. What secret is going to come out. Will Leelo be alright?

The author has done a good job with the book and I really enjoy it a lot.