Steven King blurbs it best: Insanely Readable

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I'm not a "one-sitting" kind of reader, but Jean Hanff Korelitz's The Plot was as close as I come to achieving that goal.

Without giving any spoilers, it is the story of a fledgling author/teacher, Jake, who learns that one of his students, Evan Parker, has an idea that screams "bestseller." And, while Evan is a flawed character, he possesses the writing chops to execute. A few years go by and Jake's writers block continues, but Evan is seemingly no longer in a position to write the book, and it's unclear whether he did indeed, actually write the book.

Jake makes a life-altering decision, and the twists and turns unfold.

I really enjoyed this story, the insights into the world of publishing, the pressures authors face, and the exploration literary ownership. This book will prompt much discussion, and is sure to be a hit among book clubs.