So unique and a big improvement!

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This book… There's something unique about this book. I think it’s the writing style and voice of the main character but I honestly can’t put my finger on it specifically! I thought the premise for “The Plot” was intriguing and it kept my interest the whole way following the mystery. The pacing took some getting used to since months/years would pass in a page or two, but it was always directly started so you don’t get lost and there was always a purpose for the time jump.

This is a HUGE improvement from the author’s previous novel “You Should Have Known” which I did not like. Like I would not be able to tell you this was the same author if I just read the pages! The writing flows nicely and the present day is interspersed with short excerpts from Jake’s novel, consistently building suspense and tension. A little slow in the beginning and repetitive at times, but I loved the ending and don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say anything more! “The Plot” was a twisty, fun, addictive novel that I would recommend picking up upon release in May!

Thank you so much to Celadon Books for my gifted copy! 4.5 stars