Slow Burn Thriller

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The Plot is a well written novel about an author who just can’t resist the perfect storyline. Jacob is told the plot of a novel that he knows will be hugely popular. When he hears about the death of the storyteller, he decides to write the novel himself. As Jacob predicted, the book is a massive hit. Jacob, however, is almost crippled by a combination of guilt and fear. He is convinced someone is going to recognize the story and realize he didn’t come up with the idea on his own, and he’s right. There are actually two two stories happening simultaneously in The Plot. Jacob’s own story and the story of the novel he has written. Both are suspenseful and nerve racking. I enjoyed trying to figure out how the two would overlap and connect. The Plot is well written but not necessarily fast paced, I thought if it as more of a slow burn thriller. Overall this is an entertaining read that I would recommend.