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Jacob Finch Bonner is a creative writing teacher at Ripley College. After he authored The Invention of Wonder, Jacob's career has petered out and he's struggling to write another noteworthy novel. Enter Evan Parker, a pretentious student of Jacob's, who claims he has the plot to the next great American novel. And after hearing it, Jacob knows it's sure to be a hit.

A few years later, Jacob discovers that Evan has died, but his book what never published. Deciding to not let a good thing go to waste, Jacob writes the book, it becomes an instantaneous best seller and his career rockets. But when he starts receiving threats from Talented Tom with the truth of his book, Jacob must figure out his identity in order to keep his secret buried.

I really enjoyed The Plot. This thriller felt fresh and original. The story is told between the present and then gives excerpts from Jacob's book that slowly helps the reader put the pieces together. There are subtle clues along the way, but you never truly get the full and twisted picture until the very end. The author certainly makes you work for it.

I am normally not a thriller reader. I tend to get antsy not knowing what's going on and I just want to solve the mystery quickly. The Plot definitely builds slowly, but the book keeps you invested so you want to keep reading.

Thank you NetGalley, Celadon and Bookishfirst for the #gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

4.5 stars