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The Plot was an interesting blend of twists and turns, ultimately not delivering on the hype. Saw this book so much on Bookstagram, the reviews mixed. I did give in to the hype of a new shiny book, with everyone talking about it. That was my mistake. As the story progressed, albeit VERY SLOWLY, I found my self wanting and needing to skip ahead to the ending. I tend to skip around in a book when it is not holding my attention. The middle of the book was a bit of a drag and the payout with the ending was a bit predictable. I think I enjoyed the author's other book (You Should Have Known) a bit better, and maybe more because I really liked The Undoing series the book became on HBO. Sadly, this selection did not work for me. I really wanted to like this book, and sometimes when I read an author too close together it is a disappointment. Others have loved this book, do not let my moody reading deter you.