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Jacob "Finch" Bonner...where do I even start with you?!

This book was not your average suspense but it kept me guessing. I will say I figured it out early on, but wasn't prepared for the twists and turns that lead you to the answers. This book follows an aspiring author through a shady period in his life where he makes questionable decisions that ultimately cost him more than he is ready to part with. This gripping novel focuses on a washed up author turned best seller and it truly draws the reader into the drama it is entwined with. I love that Jean Korelitz included "The Crib" excerpts throughout the book so you truly felt connected to the storyline and characters as you learned more about it. Another thing our book club discussed last night was how there was such a small cast of characters in this book. I actually enjoyed that factor, less people to try to keep straight-and it made it easier to bond with various characters.

If your in the mood for a thriller I suggest you give this a go. It is a slow start but that whirlwind ending wont disappoint you one bit. Cheers to you Evan Parker!