clever literary mystery

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While a bit slow moving at first, The Plot turned out to be a tricky, intriguing story that was cleverly told while being quietly vicious. It was so interesting how the author carried the main character, Jake, through the story- from being rather pretentious and unlikable at first to being someone who, while he was still a terribly flawed character, was someone I was deeply concerned for and felt I understood by the end. Throughout the story, there are some excerpts from the "book" that Jake writes using his former student's plot idea, and it's just enough to give readers a taste of what was so compelling about this idea that he needed to use it and why it fascinated so many readers. This is one of those stories that is somewhat hard to review- it's necessary to be somewhat vague since much of the enjoyment of this book is to be had in not knowing where things are going and how the connections will be made. Suffice to say, though, that it's one certainly worth reading.