Bit of a Let Down

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Jacob Bonner is a writer. He has always been, in his mind, a writer. However, his record and literary accolades wouldn't necessarily support this self-attributed title. After one fairly successful novel and a few other far less than successful ones, he has taken a job trying to help others learn to write their own stories. This is where he meets Evan who unknowingly bestows a thrilling, unbelievable plot for a story on him. Some time later, Jacob publishes this story to tremendous acclaim and positive reviews from critics and laypersons alike. This is where things go south as Jacob's conscience, and some anonymous troll, start to creep into his life. Tell the truth about the story Jacob.

I have been excited about this book for a while and when I didn't win it as an ARC, I patiently waited months for my turn to borrow a copy from my local library. I am very sad to say that I was disappointed in the book. I really enjoyed the writing style and how the author mixed the current story with snippets from the published work. That gave the story some much needed depth and texture. However, once I found out the twist (and I figured it out before it was fully revealed) I knew exactly what had happened. I didn't quite expect the ending, but I didn't find the ending fully satisfying to my sense of right and wrong and justice in the world. I think that is part of the point the author is trying to make, but I didn't find any of the characters redeemable or likeable enough to really have strong feelings about the ending. The story was great, but would have made much more impact if the people in it were more relatable.