A total page turner!

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The Plot was one that wasn’t really on my radar until I saw and then won a copy from @bookishfirst. And since then, I’ve seen this book everywhere! I even joined group of friends that were all reading it at the same time.

Jacob Finch Bonner has had some mild success with his first novel, but he’s had no luck since that first hit. He’s teaching writing at a small college in rural Vermont when he meets a cocky young writer with a can’t fail idea for a novel. After some time, Jake hears that his student as passed away and he wonders what happened to that story. Fast forward a few years, Jake’s now stolen idea is a turned into Crib, a smashing success and is the must read book everyone is talking about. He’s on all the best seller lists and he’s being interviewed by Oprah. He begins to receive emails and tweets from someone who knows Jake stole the idea from his student. But did the student steal it from someone else first? Jake is determined to try to get to the bottom of this and hide the truth before it goes public.

This book starts really slow, but once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down! I loved all the behind the scenes of writing a novel and the marketing and publicity of a successful book. I loved how Jake did research on his student and his history just like he would research a novel. I did think the ending was a little predictable, but that didn’t take away my enjoyment of the Plot.