A plot within a plot with a twisty twist

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The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz is a fast-paced physiological thriller that (interestingly) contains a plot within a plot and (eventually) a twisty twist. Yes, essentially there are two stories in this book. First, there's the main storyline about down-on this-luck, one renewed author Jacob Finch Bonner and, second, the plot of a book that is really yet to be written – and each story unfolds little by little keeping the reader swiftly turning the pages. Confused? Don't be... just go with the flow, don't overthink the characters or events... just enjoy the The Plot as it unfolds.

Of course, I don't want to give too much away about this novel... that would ruin it for those who have yet to read this book. But what I will say is that this book is clever, interesting and a fun and quick read. Read this book before the twist is spoiled for you!