A little overhyped

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Jacob Bonner, a professor at a university MFA program, hasn’t published a book in years. In comes Evan Parker a student who claims he doesn’t need his professors help because the plot of his book is a sure thing. Years later Jacob discovers his former student has died without ever publishing that book. He then decides that story needs to be told so he is the one to do it. The book becomes a bestseller and he is now the famous author he always wanted to be. Until one day he receives an email calling him a thief. Jake has to somehow hide the truth of the book while also researching how true the book actually is.

So I heard nothing but praise for this one and I was excited to read. I listened on audio because I love listening to suspense! But I was let down with this one. First I think it started with the narration. A narrator can make or break a book and this one fell flat for me. And the story just didn’t draw me in really at all. I was beginning to wonder what all the hype was about with this book. But the last quarter of the book did pick up and the ending was crazy!