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The Picture Bride is the story of Willow Kang, an eighteen year old girl from Korea, who agrees to marry Taewan So, after hearing that she'll be able to attend school and her future husband is a rich landowner. When she arrives in Hawaii, Willow is devastated to find that none of these are true. She does her best to make the most of the circumstances, and through time, patience, and plenty of work, creates a better life for her and her family.

While I was familiar with picture brides in the early 1900's, I had only heard stories about Japanese women, so I was intrigued to see a story from the Korean perspective! This was a beautifully told story, showcasing the perseverance and bravery of Willow and her fellow picture brides Hongju and Songhwa. I was transported back in time, and my heart ached for what the women went through. I liked how the last section of the book jumped forward to the future, to show Willow's full life with her now teenage children, and allowed her daughter to see Willow in a whole new light.