This novel is heart wrenching!

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Willow, Hongju, and Songhwa have my heart. In the beautifully written novel, the story is written about three girls who are sent to Hawaii as picture brides. As they make their way to Hawaii, they realized the men that ought to marry weren’t as in the pillow- except for Willow’s partner, Taewan. Leaving their entire family behind, the girls try to make the best out of their circumstances once they realize the matchmaker told them lies. “There was no time for herself in her mother's life. It was a world where it was natural for daughters to sacrifice themselves for their parents and brothers until finally they got married.” I cried my heart out because of this line. I loved the character development in Willows's character, especially toward Songhwa. They went from throwing stones at her to raising her daughter. My heart broke for the girls through the thing they endured during the Korean independence, especially songhwa. I rated it 4/5 simply because I wish there was more of songhwa. I was hoping to read chapters from each of their point of view but overall, I loved this book!