The Picture Bride Review

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I really wanted to get this book on netgalley, ended up being lucky and winning a print copy on here. Before the print copy i won showed up, i ended up being approved for the audiobook on netgalley!! I'm sure the printed copy will be fun to read (because i do plan on rereading this book since i liked it so much) but i really loved the narrator, It really added another layer to the awesomeness of this book and especially with some of the names and other pronunciations.

This is a really great read and very different both from what i thought and any other books that cover this time period. I really loved the description and going into reading this i didn't realize it would cover a lifetime, I really loved this and the depth it brought to this book and how realistic this story! I'm also not very familiar with Korean culture so I learned a lot of cool things from reading this!