Loved this!

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I must confess. I really don't know much about Korean history/culture at all. I've read pachinko a couple years back and found that to be fascinating. I was very excited to be get this early copy and learn more about the culture.

I knew nothing about picture brides but the concept breaks my heart. I think the concept of arranged marriages is such an area that leaves many to be so powerless. It's terrifying to think how you could get matched into a relationship that ends up being a terrible one. The concept of the US approving these marriages in hopes of decreasing addiction is an interesting one though (I wonder if it worked).

I loved being able to follow all three women and see them grow throughout the book. To see their difference unique experiences while also their bond with each other. I loved seeing them figure out how to live away from home.

I loved this book and I would absolutely recommend it to lovers of Pachinko