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As always the first thing I look at in a book is the cover. Is the cover beautiful, artistic, Interesting? This one definitely looks like a very fine painting. I also love the title. Up until I read this story, I had absolutely no idea that so many Koreans and Chinese people had immigrated to Hawai'i. I also did nit know the full extent of how the United States came to occupy Hawai'i. I still can not say that I fully understand, but I see a little bit. It was hard reading about how grueling the work was and how cruel the whip stingers were. The thought that these atrocities happened to human beings was heart breaking. I especially felt bad for the women who had been duped and did not get to live the life they had hoped for entirely. Its an injustice to women of that time. The were sub par beings and it showed. I am glad though that the main character got to have a little bit of happiness. This was such a great read from page one to the very last. However, the ending did lack a climax. And wasn't pearl. Willows daughter? Why in learls pov did she say the the shaman gave birth to her? Really confused about that.