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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review. It’s a historical fiction book based during WWII. Unlike lots of books in this genre, this was about Korean immigration by way of picture brides. A Korean man in Hawaii pays to have a bride sent to him from his native land, Korea. Willow is the main character and the reader travels with her on her journey from Korea to Hawaii as an 18 year old woman. She meets her to be husband, gets married and settles into life. As they are raising a family, her husband decides to head back to Korea, leaving her with their son in Hawaii so he can fight for his country’s freedom. Willow gets caught up in the separate factions and winds up with troubled relationships but she continues to persevere and successfully raises her family. The end of the book changes the main character to her daughter, Pearl’s point of view. Such an interesting story of raising a family during difficult times and proof of female strength.