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After spending the last three weeks in Seoul, South Korea, I was interested in more Korean stories, whether fiction or non-fiction. So it was kind of serendipitous that I cam across this one.

I think anyone who is well versed with Asian culture and history is familiar with the concept of matchmakers, but it was interesting to read this spin on it. As the child of two immigrants, I am familiar with the hard work that they put into making a life in a new country, a new world. I loved Willow, loved her story, loved how she simultaneously grew and stayed true to her roots.

First, I loved the cover. It was very watercolor-esque which definitely was indicative of how I viewed the story itself.

Plot. For some of the plot, I could predict how some of it would go, but I couldn't always predict how Willow would react, and that's why I loved reading it. Willow is such a unique character. Would definitely recommend.