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Willow is only eighteen years old when she is forced to leave Korea her homeland of Korea and travels all the way overseas to Hawaii, where she marries a man several years older than her. This is basically a store about mail-order brides, hence the title The Picture Bride.

This book deals with the struggles of Willow as a character but also comments on the overall struggle of Korean immigrants to Hawaii. I loved seeing how resilient Willow is. There are strong connections between her and the other picture brides that have had to leave their home countries.

One point on this book that made it a little difficult to read was the translation. It was a really easy read, but it made it feel as if the flow was off, and I felt like I was missing something vital without reading it in the original language. It was almost too-easy of a read. However, it was a great story that needed to be told, and I loved the historical context.