Amazing piece of history

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1918 Korea, Willow is promised a bridegroom, a chance at a new life in Hawaii, and a chance to go to school. During a time when their country is being taken over by the Japanese, the families want a better life for their children. So Willow and several picture brides are sent to Hawaii to marry.

Once they finally reach America, they realize they are being married off to men who are much older than they claim, taken away from their families and no where else to go, they find friendship and comfort in each other for a short time before they are taken away to various islands and villages.

In a foreign land and false promises made, Willow was fortunate to marry a bridegroom who looks exactly like his photo and didn't lie about his age. But he's aloof and makes no attempt for any emotional connection with her. So Willow makes the best of her life trying to support her husband, her father in law, while also supporting other women who are going though the same thing.

This is a wonderful read that I think despite the challenges, these women are able to persevere and uplift one another. The story follows Willow's journey as her husband becomes more invested in Korea's independence than his family, it touches on Independence Movement, politics, and religion.