Unique historical fiction

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I read a lot of historical fiction and one of the only downfalls is that so much of it is written during particular timeframes and/or in particular areas. So I always appreciate when a different timeframe and/or location is represented.
In this excerpt Willow is approached about becoming a bride to a young man in Hawaii. She is only 17. He is 26 and the lady trying to convince her to marry assures her that this is quite young and nine years difference won’t matter. He’s never been married, he has no one to support.
If Willow goes to Hawaii she can have a better life, including getting an education, getting an education is very important to Willow. Girls don’t have to be educated at this time and she had to drop out of school when her father died while her younger brothers continued in school.
Willow looks at her best friend who is a very young widow and feels like she is freer than Willow is.
The offer of an education seems to be enough to convince Willow to go to Hawaii and marry a stranger for a chance at a better life.