Warning: Page turner, sleep stealer, and loss for words

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This book is set in in the 21st century about a doctor blogging about his patients at psychiatric hospital. In my head Spencer Reid was narrating this book for me and each page made me want to unravel the mystery of what was going on.. I was reeled in, craving the next journal entry, hoping to find out more only to be surprised by something else.. I NEED to know the answer to the mystery that plagues this patient...If you're looking for a good mystery to solve, a workout for your brain, lack of sleep, irresistible page turning, and twists then this is definitely the book for you!

The writing style was modern and easy flowing, easy to understand and did a great job narrating from the main POV and alternating to the journal entries. The vivid explanation set the scene perfectly in my imagination so I could picture being in the narrators shoes..