Unexpectedly riveting!

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“I write this because, as of now, I am not sure if I am privy to a terrible secret or if I myself am insane...”

The Patient is a novel that is being compared to The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides so right away I know I wanted to read it. Although there were a few similarities, The Patient holds many dark and sinister secrets of its own. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it before I started reading, but it was hard to put down once I began.

The novel sets the perfect backdrop for any horror story because it takes place in a dreary, dilapidated, underfunded asylum. It recounts the story of a fresh and young psychiatrist, Parker H, and his work at a mental hospital in New England. He decides to undertake the challenge of curing the hospital’s most onerous and troublesome case, a forty-year- old man who was admitted to the hospital at the age of six. Although the patient, “Joe”, has no known diagnoses, each person who has attempted to cure him was compelled to madness or suicide. From Parker’s first encounter with Joe, things immediately begin spiraling out of control, causing him to question everything he thought he knew.

This short novel delivers a powerful punch in little more than two hundred pages. The narrator tells the story through a series of online entries on an internet message board, which assists in making the story feel more authentic. It gave me the feeling of living in a real-life nightmare, and the ending was completely unexpected!

I’d recommend this book to fans of the horror genre.