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I had so much fun reading this book but I am, honestly, still trying to think about and process what happened and all the weird and creepy twists and turns that took place! This was a fantastic read!

This book is really interesting because of the way it’s written and told. It takes the form of blog posts or forum posts that the main character, Dr. Parker uses to recount an event or something that happened in the past, that had a pretty profound affect up on him, with a patient he was seeing years ago in a psychiatric hospital. This style reminds me of the way Dracula is written and works really very well to keep the reader interested and to keep the story flowing quickly.

This is a very quick read once you get into it; trust me, you won’t want to put it down! And it’s creepy and weird so it has all the strange vibes in it. If you like weird twist and turns, this is your book!