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good story!

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Parker, a new psychiatrist at a state hospital, decides that he is going to crack the mystery of Joe M, a patient who has been hospitalized since he was six years old. Yes, in his mind, he and only he is able to diagnose this patient correctly, though many have tried, but ended up dead in strange ways.

Superiors have decided this case is too much for anyone and have said no treatment will be tried any longer as those who tried to treat Joe ended up dead or carried away strapped down on stretchers. Parker, though, meets a nice guy who is probably sane and misdiagnosed.... or is he?

Told in chapters of a diary format, Parker is also trying to find out if he is right or if he is crazy to feel the way he does so he is posting these diaries online for feedback from other professionals. Their feedback is alluded to, but it's also a case of "but wait... there's more!"

It's a short book, novella maybe, and fits in a beach bag with ease. You probably won't notice what is going on at the beach as you will be glued to the story. If you read before bed, don't be surprised to find yourself living in the story as it keeps your mind going long after sleep.

Thank you BookishFirst for a great story. Looking forward to more from this author.