Fascinating and Horrific

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This was not what I was expecting! I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing and the ending completely threw me off. Still working on processing it...

Told in blog/forum post form, Dr. Parker recounts an event he had with a patient in the psychiatric hospital years ago. Joe was first admitted to the ward when he was 6 years old and has never left. For over 20 years, any other patients or doctors who have tried to work with him have mysteriously died or been permanently traumatized. Now the staff ignore him as much as possible and have given up on any sort of treatment plan. After reading Joe's files young Dr. Parker believes he can help this "incurable case". Little does he know the secrets and horrors he'll stumble upon.

This was a quick read, and definitely one that can't easily be put down. Right from the beginning, the author pulls his reader into the events and character's lives. He adds just enough casual language to make it seem like you're reading a blog post, but makes sure the writing style overall is clear and professional. I am looking forward to future books by this author!

Weird and fascinating, I recommend this book to anyone looking for an unusual horror read.